Welder Certification And Procedure Qualification

Enkon has expanded its quality assurance and third party inspection services to include a comprehensive welder certification and welding procedure qualification program.

As part of this enhanced service offering, Enkon undertake s the following:

The welding inspector deployed at a site from Enkon will be responsible for monitoring and verifying that the following functions of the work conform in all aspects to the specific requirements of the relevant code, specification and/or standard:

When, and where, required the inspector shall employ the following equipment to aid in the performance of duties:

All Enkon welding inspectors are generally certified in accordance with the requirements of at least one of the following schemes – Certification Scheme for Weld Inspection Personnel (CSWIP), American Welding Society (AWS), BGAS (previously British Gas ERS), and / or ASNT Level II VT. All inspectors have the ability to interpret various standards including ASME B&PV Code, Section IX, API Std. 1104 and ANSI / AWS D1.1.