The PXS portable x-ray systems from Comet are designed and manufactured to offer the most reliable and efficient services under the toughest working conditions anywhere on the globe. These systems are based on more than 50 years of experience and excellence in the field. Today they offer user-friendly and intuitive operating menus that enable maximum productivity in the field. Comet portable systems provide for extremely stable x-ray output and are insensitive to irregularities in the line voltage. Their power consumption is extremely low, so your operations leave a green footprint behind, worldwide. By the same token, operational time can be reduced as well, leading you to significant savings in both costs and operations. The portable x-ray generators and control units are designed to excel in rugged environments, whether at high or low temperatures. No matter how tough the conditions, Comet portable x-ray systems are designed to withstand dust and water. They are also extremely well suited for pipeline crawler applications.


  • Portable
  • High Duty cycle
  • Metal-ceramic tube insert
  • Cost efficient operation
  • Constant potential
  • Short exposure time

PXS Directional Series Technical Specifications

High Voltage Range 10 to 300 kV
Insulation SF6 Gas
Focal spot size (EN12543) 3 mm
Beam Angle 40° x 55°
Inherent Filtration 0.8mm Be +/- 0.1mm
Additional Filters 3 mm Al
Enerji Aralığı
Görüntüleme Alanı (Görsel Alan)
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Ara yüz
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Pozlama Aparatı Genişliği
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SENTRY 110 Pozlama Aparatı Ağırlığı
SENTRY 330 Pozlama Aparatı Ağırlığı
SENTRY 110 Kaynak Kapasitesi
SENTRY 330 Kaynak Kapasitesi
Zırhlama Malzemesi
SENTRY 110 Zırhlama Kütlesi
SENTRY 330 Zırhlama Kütlesi