Computed Radiography

Computed radiography (CR) is used to assess internal or external corrosion/erosion losses in process piping, pressure vessels and valves. Based on it, one can estimate remaining thickness and wall losses. The computerized images allow easy data sharing and result in significant improvements in radiographic inspection productivity as well as faster identification of defects.





Computed radiography (CR) uses phosphor-imaging plates instead of film to store radiographic inspection results.CR imaging plates are exposed as per standard radiographic testing, but the images are laser scanned from the plates into a computer system .Using powerful software one can then analyze, manipulate, print and store the images for future review. The remaining wall thickness can then be determined for ASME code weld interpretations and wall loss evaluations.

Computed radiography can be performed on the same materials and in the same situations as standard radiography. ENKON uses SENTINEL’s Multivison software, which allows the user to acquire, review, report and archive inspection data. Multivision software also permits image enhancement and data sharing to provide significant improvements in productivity and faster identification of defect indications.